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B2B Banking Infrastructure for the Bespoke World of Finance
Our Vision

We believe that any brand with an active audience can be a challenger bank. Whether you're in retail, entertainment or finance.

Vanta Tech empowers you to easily, and rapidly enter the market.

Brand Banking

“With an estimated 39 million users globally, neobanks' valuations have skyrocketed thanks to their attractive value propositions which include personal finance management features, low rates, and superior user experiences.”  (Source)


Vanta Tech is a pioneering UK white-label BaaS service built with global banking compliance, top security standards and full feature flexibility.


How we work

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 Offshelf Digital 

 First bank 

Launch into the market as your own branded digital neobank, similar to Monzo, Revolut and N26 in just a few months.

Provide us with your brand collateral and feature requirements and we deliver you a fully operational digital-first bank with mobile and web apps. We also include back-end support, customer service, card management, KYC compliance, licence to operate globally, regular app updates and more.

 Vanta Fast 

Neobanks are rapidly growing but it's not too late to join the leaders. Don't be left behind - launch in 2020 to corner the market and grow your customer loyalty

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"Neobanks — digital-only banks with industry-leading capabilities that don't operate physical branches or rely on legacy back-ends — have exploded onto the global scene in recent years."


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