Who can start a neobank? 

Vanta Tech Ltd is the first Neobank white label BaaS service helping brands, small banks, interest groups and influencers the chance to launch their own bank brand easier, faster and with full backhouse support.

Stock Charts in the Newspaper


from Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Private Wealth Boutique Banks, Asset Management firms etc. The leading neobanks are racing ahead with their feature rich  solutions. Don't be left behind, run with tomorrow's leaders with our fully branded turnkey BaaS solution.

Seasonal Picks


From fashion to food, if you are looking to build deeper loyalty and streamlined transactions Vanta Tech is for you.

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Just like Uber, you can pay your workforce quickly and cost-effectively with your own bank platform and even extend loyalty benefits across all sides of your market.

Sweet Bunny Pyjamas


Are you a social media mogul, entertainment personality or reputable leader with a large national or global following? Build a powerful and commercially viable relationship across your community as a modern branded neobank.

Happy Pastor


Does your community live on the fringe of society often neglected by the same opportunities as others? Build commercial value and social mobility across your community with Vanta Tech.

Picking Up Trash


Don’t let banks take a cut from each of your donations, be the bank and earn transaction free ‘round up’ donations each time your community uses your charity branded neobank.